Thursday, 30 September 2010

There's something new on LightLive - Mosaic

If you go down to LightLive today you're in for a big surprise. We've added a new brand called...


Mosaic gives you the tools you need to deliver fun, Bible-based sessions with your mixed age groups.

Mosaic responds specifically to the needs that many churches express where a small number of children meet together across a broad age range. Drawing on Scripture Union’s expertise and experience, you can trust Mosaic to help grow faith in the children and young people you work with, whatever stage they are at.

Mosaic is part of LightLive, a website supported by donations, offering tailor made group sessions to help children and young people to grow in their faith through the Bible.


to help you further, we have an addition to our popular Top Tips range of books. These books offer distilled wisdom that can be worked through in an evening, and the latest book will help you make the most of Mosaic.

Top Tips on working with Mixed Ages

Packed with practical advice and real-life stories, this booklet will help to equip you in your work with small groups with a wide age range.

  •  Top tips full of wisdom and understanding – to help you face the challenges of a mixed age group
  • Passion for the good news of Jesus – to inspire you in sharing your faith with children, whatever their ages
And, stay tuned because we have another major announcement coming shortly... see you soon.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

theGRID this week

We have a confession to make... If you use theGRID, you may have noticed that the quiz on this week's lifestyle magazine pages contains some mistakes. Unfortunately, we misprinted some of the multiple choice answers to questions 3, 4 and 10. We've produced a corrected version of page 14 which you can download as a PDF from the link below, and are working to update the sessions on both LightLive and the Light website downloads area.

page 14 from theGRID JM10 (corrected)

We are very sorry for the inconvenience for anyone who usually uses the magazine but hopefully you'll be able to print the PDF out for use with your groups. Do remember that there are also plenty of other activities in session 5 that you could use instead!

If you have any further comments or feedback about Light material, do get in touch with us through the LightLive forums (found under the 'About LightLive' tab). Hope your sessions all go well this week, whether you're using theGRID or Xstream, Splash! or Bubbles - we love to hear how you've got on.


Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Switchfoot and tobyMac gig dates (UK)

Switchfoot - The best selling CCM Rock band ever have confirmed dates to play in 2010 at:

The Big Church Day Out (Leicestershire & West Sussex)

Fuel 10 Event (Belfast) (Facebook Group)
11th – 13th JUNE 2010

Frenzy Festival 2010 (Edinburgh)
12th JUNE 2010

… and there could be more dates added.

This is the first time the band will have played in the UK since 2007.

tobyMac is also confirmed to play at The Big Church Day Out (Leicestershire & West Sussex).

The Big Church Day Out (Leicestershire & West Sussex)

This is the first time Toby will have played in the UK since 2007.

For more information on any of these dates please go to the event websites direct.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Animated Baby Moses

Hey, hold on, I missed this. I could claim mitigating circumstances but the bottom line is I forgot to post about it.

'What?' I hear you cry.

Well, we did another Bible Friends animation. This one is all about baby Moses. And you can get to it by following this link, although once again if you're not on broadband you may want to give it a miss.

PS Look out for another animation very soon!


Apologies, the link is now fixed

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Easter in October?

No, we're not trying to reignite the controversy over the date of Easter. But the majority of the age groups in Light are looking at the Easter story at the moment.


Well, quite simply, when Easter comes around each year and we meet on Sunday, we jump from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. We miss, or gloss over, some of the most important bits of the gospel message.

So, because we care deeply about such things, we thought we'd take a deeper look now. It has nothing to do with us getting our calendars mixed up.

Remember, Jesus is for life, not just Easter.

Monday, 24 August 2009

The story of Joseph animated

Every so often we create a little something that we think you may enjoy.

Due to the limits of blogger, you'll need to follow the link. I don't think you'll be disappointed. (it may take a while to load, it is 4mb)

Joseph animation (broadband recommended)